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About Me

How it all began


As the founder of Erin’s Journey, I wish to share a story. I was preparing for my confirmation at St. Anthony’s church in North Providence, RI in the mid 80’s. During the process, I adopted a Grandmother who lived in a nursing home a short walk from my home. I absolutely cherish our time together because she taught me how to be kind and compassionate to strangers. A project that resulted in my very first job. a CNA in the nursing home where she lived. Fast forward to today, I am a retired nurse who is on the other side of the bed. My goal is to share stories about all the wrong turns, road blocks, and extra large speed bumps leading up to my career in Nursing. Along with the trials and tribulations of being on the wrong side of the bed as a patient. I too have both beautiful and sad stories from my years caring for others. Planning to incorporate my stories along with you seems like an adventure. 

My Colleagues


One of my favorite pictures taken in July 2016 from my boat at the marina. As I begin my journey, I encourage each of you to reflect on your career. Possibly even become inspired to put your ideas into a short story and email one of your favorite memories to me. After careful review, my team will select stories to be included in my book series. 

Join My Journey


I plan to make the process of sharing your most heartfelt stories as easy as sending an email. Please remember to protect the privacy of patients, along with others included in your story. After the story is reviewed, you will receive an email from me. If your story is selected then you will be asked to electronically sign a document confirming your permission to publish your short story. Erin’s Angels: Just a day in the life of a ......  Our plan is to gather stories and each book in the series will be dedicated to the profession. Along with your story, I will include my story about your profession. Currently, I am gathering my journals to share my story - Nurse to Patient: How it feels to be on the other side of the bed.